[HappyHarry]Ultimate7e Deviation5.0.0-a5acea1 1st October

Please do not attempt to install this build on an unmodified 7e, these are only for 7e's that have had the main processor replaced with a version with more memory

Attached here is a build of deviation 5.0.0-a5acea1, from the 1st of october 2016 for the Ultimate7e/7e-256, this version of the build is the nightly code from today but also includes changes by silpstream to enable the use of more 3way and 2 way switches in different combinations, as well as enabling the use of 1 or 2 pots. please see the threads here for switch and pot installation guides as well as the required hardware.ini changes

4x3way 2x2way switch tutorial

adding 2 pots tutorial

be sure to test everything out and post on the bugtracker if you find any issues

this build also includes silpstreams most recent fixes for the switchmods code which are currently waiting in the pull request queue. the code changes in this update are fixes in the frsky and hontai protocols and the addition of the FQ777-951 protocol

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