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Setting Up the Deviation Build Environment

NOTE: It is now strongly recommended that you use Docker images to build Deviation. Instructions for building can be found here

Building for ARM (on Linux)

  1. download and install the precompiled linux compiler from here:
  2. Add the path to the 'bin' directory to your PATH

Building for ARM (on Windows)

  1. Download and install the precompiled windows compiler from here:
  2. Add path to 'bin' directory to your PATH (I like to put this into ~/.profile so it is there each time I start msys): export PATH=/mingw/stm32/bin:$PATH
  3. Ensure python is installed. If not install it from here:
  4. Add python to your msys path: export PATH=“/c/<path to python>”:$PATH
    • For example: export PATH=“/c/Program Files/Python27”:$PATH)

Building the Windows binary on Linux

First install fltk:

apt-get install mingw32 mingw32-binutils mingw32-runtime
<Download and unpack fltk source code>
./configure --disable-largefile --enable-localjpeg \
         --enable-localzlib --enable-localpng \
         --disable-gl --host=i586-mingw32msvc \
sudo make install

Next install portaudio:

<Download and unpack portaudio source code>
./configure --prefix=/opt/portaudio-w32
sudo make install

Building the Windows binary on Windows

First install MingW:

Next, install fltk:

Then, install portaudio:

  • Start msys (you should have an icon, but otherwise run C:\MingW\msys\1.0\msys.bat
  • cd src
  • Untar portaudio: tar -xzf <path to portaudio download> (you can get to your C: drive in mingw using /c/Users/<user>/Downloads for example)
  • cd portaudio
  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install

Finally, install Deviation:

  • Download the source code for deviation. You'll need mercurial to keep track of changes (which will require installing python), but you can manually download a zip of the source from
  • cd ~/src
  • cp -pf <path to deviation src code> deviation
  • cd deviation/src

Building Deviation

  • The default build target is the devo8 transmitter. If you type make in the deviation/src directory this is what you will get.
  • Other transmitters can be specified on the make cmdline: make devo10 devo7e
  • Creating packaged zip files can be done by pre-pending 'zip_': make zip_devo10
  • Building the emulator is done by pre-pending 'emu_': make emu_devo8 or make _zip_emu_devo8
  • Building the windows version of the emulator can be done vie: make win_emu_devo8 or make zip_win_emu_devo8
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