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Nova Quanum (eventually Cheerson CX-20)

Here is a model config pour the quad “NOVA Quanum”.

It might work for the Cheerson CX-20

My Devo 7E is settled with 2 additional switches

Left Side (SWA) is a 2-position

Right side (SWB) is a 3-position

My firmware is a nightly build : devo7e-v4.01-3b6213a8

I have a RX701 in the quad

Notice the hardware.ini is set with “extra-switches = 3×2” as there is no option for a 3x+2x but I just had to use SWA1 and SWA2

For the flight modes, I set them to the exact same switches combinations as the stock TX of the RTF version (notice the SWA-SWB permutation that has no effect)

I have the 6th Flight Mode with both FMODE & ALT HOLD switches (this configuration is prioritary to any SWA-SWB combination). I made it “Land Mode” in order to have an idiot-proof :silly: configuration :

all 4 switches high ⇒ Stabilize mode (= manual fly)

all 4 switches down ⇒ Land mode

I use the right trims to drive the gimbals (replacement of the knobs on the stock TX)

I also set a proportional countdown timer linked to THROTTLE (value has to be set according to your battery)

I don't use the CH6 in the FC



Enjoy your flights !


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