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-The supported SPI Flash are: +== The supported SPI Flash are: == 
-Microchip SST25VFxxxB SPI Flash +  ​* ​Microchip SST25VFxxxB SPI Flash 
-Microchip SST26VFxxxB SPI Flash +  ​* ​Microchip SST26VFxxxB SPI Flash 
-Microchip SST25VFxxxA SPI Flash +  ​* ​Microchip SST25VFxxxA SPI Flash 
-Winbond SPI Flash +  ​* ​Winbond SPI Flash 
-ISSI IS25CQ032 SPI Flash +  ​* ​ISSI IS25CQ032 SPI Flash 
-ISSI SPI Flash +  ​* ​ISSI SPI Flash 
-Macronix SPI Flash +  ​* ​Macronix SPI Flash 
-Adesto SPI Flash+  ​* ​Adesto SPI Flash
-Only tested with at maximum ​4MB (32Mbit) Flash.+Only tested with 4MB (32Mbit) Flash at maximum.
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