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Building Deviation on OSX

NOTE: It is now strongly recommended that you use Docker images to build Deviation. Instructions for building can be found here

The script util/ should download dependencies and build the deviation emu on Mac OS X. An Xcode installation is required. Alternatively fetch fltk: port install fltk-devel

and build the emulator with: make TARGET=emu-devo8

To create a cross-compile environment, get summon-arm-toolchain from github:

git clone

and patch it:

patch -p0 < utils/summon-arm-toolchain.patch summon-arm-toolchain

You will need macports and the following build-dependencies as well (these instructions can also be found in the summon-arm-toolchain README port install gmp mpfr libmpc wget libftdi

You may need to update DARWIN_OPT_PATH in summon_arm_toolchain to point at /opt/local if you used macports as above

Then create a directory /usr/local/arm-none-eabi and chown it to the user you're compiling the toolchain with. Then run the patched summon-arm-toolchain and wait.

To build deviation, extend your PATH:

export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/arm-none-eabi-gcc/bin

and run make inside the src directory.

To flash the firmware to your Tx (no warranties here!), grab libusb from and dfu-util from

Unpack, compile and install both with

./configure make sudo make install

Flash devo8.dfu with

dfu-util -a 0 -D devo8.dfu

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