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Development Resources

Building the Code

Building Deviation requires a cross-compiler tool-chain, and due to memory limitations on some transmitters, only some versions of the compilers can successfully build small-enough code for those. This means that getting the build-chain setup can be challenging. We have decided to use Docker images to simplify this process and provide a consistent build environment for everyone

Instructions for building Deviation with Docker can be found here

If you want to look at the code, the Deviation GitHub repository is here.

The legacy instructions on setting up the build environment by hand can be found here, but this method is no longer recommended.

Some users have also tried various build approaches. These are generally less well supported, but alternate instructions for building on Windows can be found here, and instructions for building with Eclipse are available here. Instructions for building on OSX can be found here

Hardware Information

Deviation has been designed to be portable to lots of different hardware. While it is easiest to port to STM32 based transmitters, it should be possible to port it to any hardware with a sufficiently capable MCU. The 1st step in supporting a new transmitter is to document its pin connections. We have provided this information for each of the supported transmitters here

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