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Bixler 2: 2 position flaps and 3 flight modes ;)

Hi all! I've just bought the Devo 10 and installed the 3.0 version of deViation.

I'm learning minute after minute new functions of the software. It's extremely powerful. I don't know how the programmers could have thought to something so complex and so advanced if I'm burning my brain to understand it!

I upload here as thanksgiving and hoping to be useul to other users my bixler 2 confugration file.

elev dr1 for start the timer set at 10:30 (with 2200 3s)

ailer dr1 for reset the timer

the second timer show is activated with elev dr1 and is the toal flying time

connestion on reciever (Devo RX1002)

aileron (lef aileron) aux1 (left flap) | gear (right aileron) aux2 (right flap)

mix0/1/2 → no flaps/a little flap with elevator mix/a little more flaps with the same elevevator mix of mix1


standard flight mode with mix switch for flap actived.

fmod0 is low rate: dr80% and expo 20% (on ail and elev)

fmod1 is high rate with dr100% and expo20% (on ailev and elev)

fmod2 is super high rate: flaps works together with ailerons as ailerons not as flaps!

Happy flytime!


EDIT 2013/10/10. I edited the bixler2.ini file. It's updated with my last settings and now the timers are activated with channel throttle number. If you don't have walkera receiver and you throttle is on a different channel you have to mod it. Furthermore in this version trims with 1.0 step are already activated. With GEAR1 you can now activate a mix aileron to rudder. With RUD0 there is throttle cut.

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