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Devo 10 for FX071 with 6G / 3G and 3 flight modes

okay here it is the official kiwi-craig FX 071 Devo 10 flight model Version 1

this has three flight modes, three tail modes, 6g AND 3G ! decent icons loaded against the toggle switches and a 5 point throttle curve, and a custom screen icon.

how it all works

throttle hold on DR 1 , TH icons used on the display

Dual Rates on Gear switch, Gear 1 = reduced rate, DR icons uses on display

Mix 0 = 6G mode Mix 1 = 3G mode, G icons used

yes they have a 3G mode in there ! be warned it's crazy but flyable, with my three flight mode setup heck I was flying it in the lounge on the tame mode ! and that was the whole point of having the three flights setup in this.

Fmode = the kiwi magic you now have three flight modes; this uses a modified version of the Florida Heli setup for the V930

FMODE 0 = Tame, M0 on the display

FMODE 1 = Normal, M1 on the display

FMODE 2 = Agile, M2 on the display

FMODE is also linked to 6G - 3G switch. you get more servo travel in 3G mode :evil:

Tail is tied to the FMODE and has three differing setups

FMODE 0 tail is 1 to 1 and scalar 80

FMODE 1 tail is expo 10% scalar 100

FMODE 2 tail is expo 20% scalar 120 not sure how effective the 120% will be but its int there for now.

throttle curve is a 5 point, currently linear -100,-50,0,50,100 but easy to change to whatever you like

this is experimental but all works as planned.

also has a custom icon, copy the FX071.bmp into the devo file folder marked modelico

all care, no responsibility

would really like some flight testers and feedback on settings. I can change switch settings if someone wants a different layout.

this can also be used on the FX076, 070 and 067 I will be testing it on the 067 soon.



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