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HM830 Paper Airplane Model.ini

Here is an initial model for the HM830 Paper Airplane.

While it is a 2-channel airplane, I've built the protocol with the following channels:

Ch1 (Throttle Stick): Throttle

Ch2 (Aieron Stick): Rudder

Ch3: Accelerate (I believe this just sets max throttle)

Ch4: Rudder Trim

Ch5: Right-Shoulder (no noticable affect)

In this model file, I have Accelerate enabled by throttle > 90%. I'm not sure this is actually any different than 100% throttle, so it may be useless to configure this way.

The Aileron trim will control the trim (but it is an independent channel and you won't see it affect the aileron value)

Ch5 is not used


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