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Huiying X6058 Model File

Attached below is a model file for a Huiying X6058 quadcopter, that will likely work with other Huiying models. It is a modification of one I received from Frequent Flyer (, when I had trouble getting my mod of a CX10 file to work as expected. He may have some trouble recognizing it, but it is the starting point.

The file is setup for use on a Devo 7e with two switches, and was always used with the nightly builds; the 6/19/15 build was used for late tests.

A few notes:

The X6058 uses Ch5 to switch hi/lo rates. Most users that want the performance that this Alias clone provides would find the low rate is too slow, so Ch5 is essentially hard-wired in the high rate position and two mixers provide the highest and a lower rate setting selected via the FMODE switch. If you have 3 position switches, you can implement a comparable lowest-rate mode and get the three rate selection provided with the furnished transmitter.

Flips are enabled via the HOLD switch. With HOLD on, the X6058 will flip in the direction of large movements of the right stick as long as the switch is on. The flip mode may not function in the low-rate mode with the current scaling in the file.

As a reminder that the flip mode is enabled, the Devo beeps when HOLD1 is selected and periodically at the rate of the timeup alarm while it is selected (timer3).

The throttle mixer uses a 7 point curve that is currently set to yield a 1 to 1 curve. Change a few values if you want to experiment with a different throttle curve.

What is not included in this file:

The transmitter furnished with X6058 contains a button that will turn off the lights, except for the head-lamp, when it is bound. I could not figure out how this was implemented, even though I went beyond the channels in the current file. If you figure it out, please post the solution, or a suggestion to try.

The X6058 also contains the switching and connector to operate a video/still camera. Neither of these two functions are included, as far as I know. The version of X6058 I have (late R3 board), is twitchy when it is hovering, and IMO wouldn't make a good camera platform. Yours may be different. Please post the solution if you crack it. I found that the X6058 was either sold out or closing out in a couple Chinese retail sites, and didn't find any parts for it. Too bad because this is a very capable quad.


If you want to see how the X6058 flies using the file that this is based on, check this out:


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