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Multiwii Crius AIO Pro Devo7e with 3x2 switch mod

Set up for Spektrum DSM2 receivers (I use a LemonRX 8ch).

Arm Switch has “OK” symbol for disarmed, exclamation mark for armed. (HOLD switch)

GPS has arrow down symbol for Position Hold, house icon for RTH. (Left 3 position switch), third position is off and blank.

Mag switch has compass symbol (FMODE switch), off is blank.

Flight modes are no self level (SL off icon), horizon or angle mode (SL on icon), horizon or angle mode with baro (Alt symbol).

The modes will of course have to be set up on the board too to match this.

toggle3 goes into /media

qmini goes into /modelico

model3 goes into /models (rename as needed)


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