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My Align T-Rex 450 + RX1002 + Devo 10 config file


This is the config file I am using for my Airwolf, having a T-rex 450SE inside with a DEVO 10. It might not be the most professional config, but am flying this daily, so it works ;-)


If you have some improvement ideas, please share B)


ELE: elevon servo: rear (outside on the left)

AIL: aileron servo: front, bottom.


RUDD: Gyro

GEAR: no connect

AUX1: pitch servo: front, upper.

AUX2: Gyro gain

AUX3: no connect

AUX4: Gear servo (easier to reach…)

AUX5: no connect


- 3 filght modes, curves by the T-rex manual FMOD

- “Sticky” throttle hold, RUDD D/R + Throttle lever to bottom first

- Slo mo gear for the Airfox body, GEAR

- Hover pitch adjust, ELEV D/R + AUX4

- 3 gyro sensitivity, 2 fixed Head hold, higher and lower, 3rd is live pot variable for setup, both rate + HH mode, MIX, AUX5

- 1 stop watch + 1 countdown, throttle start and AILE D/R reset


- 4 trims

- left: stopwatch + count down

- right, from top: cyclic, throttle, gyro gain


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