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Orange R610 in TyphoonPro 450-Heli (DSM2)

  • RX: Orange R610 (DSM2, 6 channels) * swashplate in 120X-mode (elev servo in front, aile on the right, aux1 on the left) * FLIGHT MODE switch influences throttle (FM0: start, FM1: easy artistics, FM2: full power) and pitch * GEAR switch switches throttle off (displayed on screen) * elevator, aileron and rudder reduced to 60%, full way with corrsponding switches, shown on screen * gear output (ch5) is used for gyro sensitivity (switched by the MIX switch) * stopwatch and countdown (7 minutes) configured) * safety channel is ch1 (throttle down) * rudder's way is reduced (depends on the mechanical characteristics)


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