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Parkzone Ultra Micro T-28 Trojan

At the request of someone here the .ini file for the UM T-28 Trojan.


Protocol: DSMX

THR trim all the way down (-110)

GEAR1 - throttle cut, value -110

1. ELE 65%, 100%, EXPO 15%

MIX THR → ELE, 3 point 0-8-18 to prevent pitch up on full THR

2. AIL 65%, 100%, EXPO 15%

3. RUD 100% 1-to-1 (rudder is weak on this one)


1. Countdown 6:00, CH1 (THR)

2. Countdown 4:30, CH1 (THR)

4. Permanent, CH1 (THR)

Important note:

If you have an older version with AR6400 instead of AR6410, you will need to change protocol to DSM2.


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