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Solo Pro 125 Smooth Config

Hello All,

this a beginner/slowed down,smooth config that makes my new Solo Pro 125 BNF really stable on my Devo8/Deviation 2.1.1 TX.

Elev DR on Elev switch, Aileron DR on Ail Switch. Gyro Hi/Low on Gear switch. Trims set to +-20%.

Enjoy, and any comments or improvements is appreciated. I have not tried any 3D on it, since im not at that skill level yet.

I use a 360 mah Lipo that gives Amazing 11 minutes “smooth”, hovering type flight time, and recharge in 24 minutes on 2A starting Power :-) (i know thats mean, wanna see when it starts deteriorating on that treatment)

Also SP 125 Icon available on Rototophes uploads!


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