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Tested Standard GUI V922 WL-T6 Devo 8s combo

I have developed a Standard GUI model & icon for a WL V922 using a Devo 8s with a WL-T6 adapter. This should probably work for a HCP100 / FBL100 and HT8 as well but I have only tested it on the V922.

This model is tuned for intermediate level 2D flying.

Set the idle up throttle curves to flat or “V” before flying 3D.

Make sure the WL-T6 is in Walkera mode (left LED off).

Note that Throttle hold is on the right FMod switch for us that learned on Spektrum transmitters.

Select Idle ups using the Mix switch.

Aile D/R switches Aile & Elev.

Elev D/R switches Rudder.

Left hand throttle hold is unused (Rudd D/R switch).

Toggle box displays:

Red Box - Idle up engaged

Green Box - Throttle Hold is on

Yellow Box - Dual Rates in high mode


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