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Trex450Pro FBL 2801 & Devo - BeastX/HobbyMate

A special Thank you goes to Tom Z, because without his guides I would have given up. These are for:

Trex 450 Pro FBL with Beastx/Hobbymate sytem, not sure about Tarot/CopterX but should be close. One file is for a 2801RX and the other for Devo's.

All sticks and movement are set for 100%. Gyro is set at 70 and -50. Expo/Dr at 100/Line. Throttle Hold on Rudd DR Switch, set to full movement for auto-rotation.

Remember to remove the name after model# and if anyone see's anything wrong…..please let me know.

***Adjust the scalar for Channel 7. Its off, I set it up with Old 2801 Numbers causing tail wag. New files have better numbers, but will still have to be adjusted for your Heli.



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