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Tweak model.ini for RCL Xtreme

I am using the RC Loggers OneLink module piggybacked on my 7E (via training port) to fly the RCL Xtreme brushless quad. I followed the instructions for setting it up, and that went routinely. The setup includes a “Learning” routine where I start with a fresh blank airplane template and then operate each input in sequence, and “learning” happens. After that procedure, the model file is altered.

The model.ini settings that resulted from that “Learning” routine is functional. I expect and hope that it can be improved. The issue for me is that the model.ini that was set up by the procedure appears in a complex way that is beyond my limited comprehension. That is, I have no grasp of Mux and Replace and Mixers and Pages and Linked… oh my.

Because my 7E has only 2-position switches, I have two flight modes on “channel 5” – HOLD 0 is “Sport” mode (accelerometers) and HOLD 1 is “Expert” (gyros only). I’m not terribly concerned about “Sport” mode. More important to me, I would like “Expert” mode to have expo and rate settings that are straightforward enough in the Mixer menu for me to manage. I can dial expo and rates up and/or down to find settings for ail, ele, and rudder I’m comfortable with.

Would someone take a look at this model.ini file and make a suggestion, or give me some guidance as to how it might be improved? Nothing you see in the model file is intentional… on my part, that is. It just turned out that way.


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