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V500D01 DEVO

This is for the V500D01 with 2702v-D gyro RX.

This is from a DEVO 12

You may need to edit the switches.

(This is a good test to see how it translates to other TX's)

Flight mode switch is for both throttle and pitch curves.

F0 - Normal

F1 - Full pitch, V throttle curve

F2 - Full pitch, almost straight throttle line

AIL and ELE rates are on the MIX switch, 60,80,100 rates. 10% expo on all, Walkera manual says 45%… edit as you like.

RUD rates 75, 100 on RUD D/R switch.

Throttle hold on HOLD switch.

Gyro on Gear switch, +65%, -65% with Gyro TRIM on the Left trim.

Also note I have a fixed ID, you may want to clear it.


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