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Walkera CP Helicopters - Beginner Settings


I corrected the switch icon issue that RandMental posted about below this post.

The models have been updated and the switch icon assignments are now correct

for the models that had the problem.

This model will work on the following helicopters.

  • Walkera V120D02S * Walkera V120D02S V2 * Walkera Mini CP * Walkera Super CP * Walkera Genius CP V1/V2

[li]Walkera V100D08

*If you are using the V120D02S, V120D02S V2, Genius CP V1 with the WK-2801 Pro compatible Receiver change Protocol=DEVO to Protocol=WK2801.

Model 7 is for deviation firmware v4 and the DEVO 6/6S/8/8S/10/12/12S.

Model 7-2 has Zero Degree Pitch when throttle hold is on.

This will help minimize damage in a crash as the swash and blades will be at mid stick zero degrees pitch.

This will also help prevent a boom strike.

The swash does not move when TH is on.

If you want control of the swash in TH to help you land in a crash don’t use this model use Model 7 instead.

Model 15 is for deviation firmware v3 and the Devo 8/8S/12.

Model 7v3 is for deviation firmware v3 and the Devo 10.

See my post here for the Devo 6S model.

I have test flown this model using deviation firmware v2.1, v3, v4 in my Devo 10.

Fixed ID

My model does not use a Fixed ID.

If you used a Fixed ID with the original Walkera firmware you must clear the Fixed ID in the Receiver with the Bind Plug.

If you don't clear the Fixed ID the model will not bind.

If you want to use a Fixed ID you can enter the same Fixed ID you had for the original Walkera firmware.

Example: Your original Walkera firmware Fixed ID was: 123456

Assign the Deviation Fixed ID: 123456

You can also assign any Fixed ID that you want to use. You don't have to use the original Walkera firmware Fixed ID. Clear the Fixed ID in the Receiver with the Bind Plug then assign any Fixed ID that you want to use.

  • No negative pitch for normal mode so you don’t slam the heli down if you pull the stick down to fast.

Don’t fly outside in wind in normal mode. You won’t be able to pull the heli down if the wind takes the heli.

If you fly outside in wind use ST- 1 or ST- 2 which have full pitch curves which can pull the heli down in wind.

  • Lower Pitch Travel Adjustment to make the heli more tame. * Low dual rates and positive expo to tame the heli down. * Throttle hold on the RUDD D/R switch. * 7 Point Throttle and Pitch Curves. * TX Power=100mW * Channels=7 * Protocol=DEVO * No Fixed ID * Stick Mode 2

If you need Stick Mode 1, 3, or 4 load the model into your transmitter then change the Stick Mode in the transmitter settings.

Throttle Curve

Normal Mode: Linear Curve

ST-1: V Shaped Throttle Curve

ST-2: 100% Flat Across

Throttle Hold is active on RUDD D/R switch

Pitch Curve

Normal: No negative pitch. Zero degrees pitch at mid stick.

ST-1: Full +/- 3D pitch curve. Zero degrees pitch at mid stick.

ST-2: Full +/- 3D pitch curve. Zero degrees pitch at mid stick.

Gyro Gain

64% for Normal and Stunt modes. This value is equal to the Walkera firmware value of 82% gyro gain.


Adjust D/R and EXPO to your personal preference.

If the tail is too touchy for you add some positive expo.

Try +20%. EX: RUDD D/R = 100% EXP +20%

Switch Position

0- ELEV D/R = 50% EXP +30%

0- AILE D/R = 50% EXP +30%


Switch Position

1- ELEV D/R = 70% EXP +30%

1- AILE D/R = 70% EXP +30%


Download the Configuration Settings File.

Right click the “model.ini ” and select “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” depending if you are using IE or Firefox.

Install the configuration settings file into your models folder (See my How to video below).

This will over-right the current file so make sure that model slot doesn’t

have a model being used in it. If it does rename the configuration settings file

to another number that you have free.

Example: The file you downloaded is named model5 so change the “5“ to another slot

number that you don’t have a model setup for. If you have model slot 6 open rename the file to model6

How to Import/Export Deviation Firmware Models






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