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Wing Wing Z-84 for Devo 7e (no switches) Elevons

Here is my base model for the full wing Z-84, 2 elevons aircraft, for a Devo 7e with range mod and no extra switches.

The RUDDER stick is mapped as the AILERON, this way if you are used to give RUDDER to balance your plane like I do you won't panic. Also this way you have something like a “double rate” AILERON: when doing big turns for large circuits you can use one stick for more precision while for a fast roll (es. a recover for an inverted fly going bad, a tonneau) bashing both RUDDER and AILERON stick will give a lot of input quick.

TH is up, low rates is UP, basically all switches away from you and you are free to bind the plane, all down is for hi-performance.

Beware of the rates (specially HI-RATES): 80 could be to much in some cases if you have lots of mechanical travel on the servo / push rods. To much means you may spin / stall in a loop / turn and lose control of the plane, so test your setup at an adequate altitude to recover and be gentile with your sticks, or just lower the SCALE to begin with.

Config is here:


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