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Devo 7E


The Devo 7E is the best value for money transmitter that you can buy that DeviationTx supports. It shares the same smaller body as the Devo 6 but instead has a 128×64 pixel LCD screen similar to the Devo 10.

It however only has 128k of flash memory, which is barely sufficient for DeviationTx. It is equipped with only two 2-way switches and a range limited RF module. There are proven modification though to overcome these limitations.

SeBy DocKy has made a great series of tutorial videos for the Devo 7E. Here is his introduction to the Devo 7E.

LCD 128×64 B/W with backlight
Touch Screen No
Gimbal Bearings Yes
Switches HOLD (2-way)
FMOD (2-way)
Potentiometers No
DSC (Trainer) Port Yes
Charging Port Yes (For NiMh only)
SD Card Slot No
USB Upgradable Yes
Power 4 x AA

Installing DeviationTx

Start by reading the Devo 7E manual.

If that's not enough, the tutorials below should get you going.


Due to its' popularity and price, the Devo 7E probably has the most documented modifications available within the Walkera Devo line of transmitters. Here you'll find the tutorials and videos to get you started.

Extra RF Modules

You can install up to 3 extra RF modules in the Devo 7E, for a total of 4 modules including the stock RF module. Two quite easily and the third via soldering directly to a processor pin.

Alternatively you can build the MultiModule instead. With the MultiModule, you will not need to solder to the processor pin and still use all 4 modules.

The process is very well documented in the wiki page “RF Module Installation”.

Additional information can be found here:

Full Range Mod

This will modify the stock RF module for full range. It requires removal of the shield and bypassing of a diode (or resistor?) within module. Various methods for doing the bypass exists, so read through the tutorials and decide which you want to try.


If you'd prefer not to fool around with soldering inside the stock RF module, or you damage the stock RF module, you can replace it with Walkera's full range module used in the Devo 6/8/10 transmitters. This requires removal of the stock RF module.

Add Two 2-way Switches
Add One/Two 3-way Switches
Arduino to PPMin for Extra Inputs
Swivel Antenna Mod
LiPo Battery Mod
Power Regulator Upgrade
Add Power-on LEDs
USB Charge Mod

Other Devo 7E Resources

Hardware Information

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