Module CC2500 et Turnigy 9x

09 May 2020 18:09 - 10 May 2020 10:36 #76284 by Xavier43
Module CC2500 et Turnigy 9x was created by Xavier43

I created this post because I did not find any answer on the site or on the internet.
I have in my possession a 2.4 GHz CC2500 module with 6pin: Mosi, Miso, SCLK, CSN, Vin, Gnd.
It was formerly soldered on the motherboard of a small radio sold in an RTF pack with the Xk A430 aircraft. I know that the protocol used by this module is FSHSS (Futaba protocol).
I would like to be able to fly my plane (xk a430) with my Turnigy 9x (under open TX) without having to buy an external multiprotocol module of the Irx4 type.
So my question is: how can I use this module with my turnigy 9x.
I would like to know on which radio pin it should solder this module.
I first thought of using an arduino uno to translate the PPM signals from the radio into PCI signals (miso, mosi) but I don't know how to do it.
I search and stir the internet, I can't find any answers. Your help would be welcome !!
Thank you in advance.
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