About the problem of f12e brush after replacing fl

08 Jun 2020 01:04 #76436 by gongye
After replacing the flash memory of my f12e, the flash is normal. After a period of time, the latest version in the nightly build that I redrew yesterday started to use the dfusedemo. It shows success, but even if the boot card is in the programming mode, the USB mode will not enter. Then use dfuse USB Upgrade to brush, it shows that there is DFU mode, but it can't be swiped in. At last, it's only with jar that the brush is successful. It can also enter USB mode, and the boot is normal. What's the problem? I want to swipe bootloader again, but how to swipe it with JLINK? God help to solve it!Now it's not good to use the official software brush of Huake after normal operation. It should be usable after replacing flash memory. Why not now?

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