T8sg v3 plus carbon getting SAFE to work with UMX

14 Sep 2020 21:59 #76784 by Ronbo66
Hey guys,
Long time listener, first time caller.
Actually I'm a newbie. I've flown a few 3 channel planes but anyway. I've got a T8SG V3 Plus Carbon and I'm trying to get all of the features to work with a Horizon Hobby UMX Timber...ie SAFE,AS3X and the Flaps. I got it to bind and all 4 channels are working. The planes manual says channel 5 gear will turn the Safe off and on and channel 6 is for the flaps. To activate SAFE it says you have to toggle ch 5 off and on 5 times while holding the gimbals down and out.. I haven't done any firmware or software yet. Wasn't sure if I needed to. I would be very appreciative if someone could point me in the right direction with a little bit of guidance.


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19 Sep 2020 17:13 #76799 by Ariete
You will need to program both channels. Safe select means that you can activate and deactivate it by following the instructions. I always have it activated.
Here is a template for my UMX Mig-15 with safe select for my Devo8s. It is in safe mode when gear switch is on (gear1) and is in advanced mode when gear switch is off (gear0). It uses channel five for it.
Channels six and seven are programmed but not really in use. You can add the flaps at channel six.
Drop the file in the models section and it will automatically convert the switch names when yo select the model in the transmitter.

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Hope this helps.


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