Devo 7E switch assignment.

15 Mar 2021 01:08 #77319 by kittehwrangla
Devo 7E switch assignment. was created by kittehwrangla
hey guys, Im using a devo 7e with deviation 5.0.0, anyways i managed to get the first 4 ch (throttle,ailerons,rudder,elavator) on my cessna 6ch RC plane set up. however with the advanced mixer interface for planes on deviation im not able to figure out how to use the 2 switches my controller has on it. (HOLD) (FMOD) are the switches i can't seem to find or use. I can't seem to assign the flaps or landing lights to these buttons, the first 3 channels seemed to assign themselves and then i tuned it from there. Am i looking in the wrong place? maybe im missing something in terms of software/hardware? thought I would ask. thanks very much.

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