Current Status as of 2012-05-06

24 Apr 2012 14:01 - 07 May 2012 04:37 #13 by PhracturedBlue
Current Status as of 2012-05-06 was created by PhracturedBlue
This is what we seem to have so far:
1) Ability to write to the LCD screen. We have routines for writing text (ascii only), and a simple graphical framework (from the adafruit project) that supports lines, rectangles, circles, triangles, etc

2) Ability to control the back-light brightness

3) Ability to read all buttons and sticks. The switches are not yet supported but I'll get to that shortly

4) Ability to read/write/erase the SPI Flash

5) Ability to talk to the radio

6) Ability to read from the touchscreen

7) Ability to write to the USART

8 ) Ability to measure battery voltage

9) The TX can act like a USB thumb-drive

10) Support for an internal filesystem such that files written by the PC can be read by the firmware

11) The ability to draw BMP files (both opaque and transparent)

12) An initial GUI framework

13) Ability to generate sound through the speaker

We do not yet have code to support:
* Channels other than the sticks
* More?
We only support the DEVO8 at the moment. Additionally, the code can be compiled on a PC with FLTK to make it easier to do GUI development.
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