Deviation Releases 3.0.0 released 2013-04-05

05 Apr 2013 07:47 - 01 Jan 2014 02:02 #8551 by FDR
As many of you already realized, PhracturedBlue released the next major Deviation release Version 3.0.0

You can find the changelog in the Release-Notes section, and the release along with updated documentation in the Downloads section...

The site's logo has changed as well...
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05 Apr 2013 14:21 #8565 by PhracturedBlue
Replied by PhracturedBlue on topic Deviation Releases 3.0.0 is the latest 2013-04-05
I posted this on RCGroups, but I thought I'd post it here too...

The Deviation 3.0.0 release marks roughly one year of Deviation development. I got my Devo8 on April 2 2012, and without every using it once, started work on hacking into it. On April 6th we figured out how to get around the encryption and were able to program the transmitter. On April 15th, I had enough code to be able to print 'Hello World' on the LCD screen. After that it was the hard-work f getting the firmware together. On August 2, 2012 we announced the deviationtx site and the 1st emulator. Version 1.0 was officially announced on September 8th, and Version 2.0 was announced on November 26th.
We've grown from nothing to now supporting 5 different Devo transmitters, and 10 different manufacturer's protocols.

I would like to reiterate my thanks to rcH4x0r who was instrumental in getting the project off the ground (wherever he is now), suvsuv who has done a huge amount of work to enable the Devo10 as well as designing the 'Standard' gui. Thanks also to all the other contributors of whom there are now too many to name, including those who have provided code, translations, bug-reports, testing, and act as experts to help the new folks learn the ropes. And of course FDR who has been here since the very beginning, has provided invaluable support during the entire project, and keeps the Deviation site in order.

I've been really impressed with the RC community and how supportive you've all been during this process. I still have a long list of tasks to work on in Deviation, and while there hasn't been a lot of development recently, I expect it will start to pick up again soon.

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