R9M with Deviation

28 Oct 2020 08:33 #76949 by thkoelen
R9M with Deviation was created by thkoelen
Hey all,

A friend of mine has a R9m system he wants to get rid off. I can have it for free, but before I take it off him I would like to ask some questions.
I found on the forum that it's possible using the PXX protocol, nice!
There is very little information available if it works with ACCESS firmware on the module though.
I see some people who got it to work with ACCST. Does it even matter which firmware is run on the modules/receiver?
I thought that's only the protocol the module talks with to the receiver, and not the module to the transmitter.
Does anyone have experience with this?


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29 Oct 2020 07:17 #76955 by alphasierra
Replied by alphasierra on topic R9M with Deviation
yes and i devoted like 20 hrs trying to get it to work, with partial success(no telemetry)

i was/am using:

t8sg plus v2(or 3? thats whats printed on the board anyways)
firmware t8sg_v2-v5.0.0-48d7be1(for some reason i have to use this firmware(non plus) or controller doesnt work, at all, something to do with the lcd on the t8sg v3 carbon or something... anyways that was another 20 hours i admit....reluctantly)

r9m 2019 ACCESS module with ACCST firmware(flex)
r9 mini ota Also flashed to ACCST firmware(flex)

if you do not have a taranis you will need an frsky STK tool to upload the firmware. there are workarounds to this using flight controllers and the like...allegedly... but i found no further info.

this is where i wish i could send myself this info from no to like a month ago when i was pulling my hair out trying to figure this BS out.

the only successful way i was able to achieve firmware update on the r9 mini ota was to download the frsky updater from their website (FRSKY Update Sport rev20)

download appropriate accst firmware for your reciever and r9m module

IMPORTANT! not all R9 recievers have ACCST firmware! R9MX is one that does not! i have two of them that i wont be using bc im not buying their piece of garbage access controller to do so. people should be in prison for the time and energy theyve cost me and thousands of others im sure
i digress....

speaking of garbage, after downloading your firmware, run the sport updater, press the button to get the firmware file, and you will be surprised to see that the tool does not see your reciever connected to the STK tool, thats because, and this is written NO WHERE to help the consumer achieve this, you have to connect the reciever to the stk tool while holdingm the bind button several times until by chance one of the times it randomly decides to detect it, at thispoint you set it down and dont touch it, dont look at, dont even think about it.... and press run or load file or whatever the one button on the programs says.

also pay attention to the pcb markings as frsky likes to switch them around on you leading to fried components.

i have to say i have broken more stuff in this hobby just trying to set up my plane than i have actually crashing, its amazing that these businesses can release a product, tell you it can do this and do that, but not tell you how to get it to do it. it took me like a month just to find out what the two dipswitches on the r9m module are for.

hope that helps

oh yeah, use pxx protocol, and i forgot how i got them to bind, good luck!

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