Devo 10 won't accept current nightly builds ??

26 Oct 2019 21:51 - 26 Oct 2019 21:58 #75324 by kiwi-craig
I was using my iMac / txtwangler software to edit flight models on my Devo 10, have done this numerous times no issues. I decided to cut and replace the entire models folder with a revised version (had moved allot of the flight models into a new order and renumbered) and then the system would not load, kept getting the USB symbol on the main screen post reload.......

so forced to do a wipe clean and reload with defuse , format drive and write matching files onto the memory, none of the current nightlies work with my Devo, had to go back to a 2018 DFU file I had in my PC laptop to get things working. Seems the later Devo builds they have changed allot of stuff around and it all goes incompatible, this was a true surprise. buttons reassigned, screens all corrupted and none of the protocol submenus work ????

when I was looking at the flight protocol allot of them where coming up as * in front of the protocol, so *A-FHSS for example, no way to access the fine tune bind submenu, nothing would work. Same with the KN protocol, *KN, no way to access the KN submenu.

Got way back into a 2018 build file backup and bingo, no * in front of the protocol names and everything works......... has me totally beat as to why.

basically I have a Devo protocol that works V5.0.0-676be00. all later dfu downloads that do load will not bind on A-FHSS or KN. Even if starting from scratch to write a new flight model I could not access the binding submenus under A-FHSS or KN, which are the 2 main types i fly.

I tried loading all the current nightly on the Deviation website, not one worked. buttons reassigned in odd way, screen displays all out of whack......... some would not even load.

could my write memory chip have an issue ?

for now V5.0.0-676be00 works perfectly, flight model can be overwritten and the bind submenu's are all in place ??
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