Devo F12E RSSI weird values

02 Mar 2021 14:37 #77283 by uneasy
Devo F12E RSSI weird values was created by uneasy
I just got myself Devo F12E, I flashed it with latest nightly build for it. (no XMS for now, waiting for chip).

I really want to display RSSI somewhere on the display. I mean, I have flight controller, which will eventually put OSD on the camera, but I also want to have it on my transmitter somewhere.

The only option I can see is to do it in page config, and add it in Box1-3 as a RSSI.
So I did, but it shows `127d` value and doesn't seem to be dropping.

I do have valid RSSI on my flight controller.

Protocol I am using is DSMX, I also have valid telemetry. (except time, that's never ok in GPS section)

What am I missing ?

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