Devo 7e Switch Labels

05 Dec 2016 21:07 - 07 Dec 2016 15:06 #56562 by Phoenixx
Devo 7e Switch Labels was created by Phoenixx
Just done the 4-in-1 and switch mod and made a hash of the switch labels so did a search for replacements. I found a template and cleaned up the original image and made a few examples.

I've got the blue ally sticks so went with a blue theme but have added the basic black and also a carbon fibre design if anyone want to use it.

It's only a first attempt so may end up changing the colours a bit and re-printing.

I printed the design on to plain paper then put sellotape over both sides before cutting out. This gives a shinny finish and also protects if from getting dirty, stops it tearing when tightening the switches back up and it doesn't matter if you get it wet.

Thanks to JW57RC over at R/C blogs for the original template design.

I've put some different designs, including a template so you make your own, in my photobucket here to keep them all together.

One of the images is 300dpi and the others are 600dpi so will probably need to be printed on a laser jet or you could scale them down to 300dpi

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07 Dec 2016 20:04 #56626 by HappyHarry
Replied by HappyHarry on topic Devo 7e Switch Labels
nice work bud 8)

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