AR7200BX and others, Rate vs HH

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AR7200BX and others, Rate vs HH was created by Hexperience
So I've been asked about programming a switch to control the gyro settings.

There are different Flybarless gyro systems, but a lot of them use this method to control rate mode vs heading hold mode.

So lets say you want to control that with your 3 way mix switch. In this case 0 would be OFF, and really you should do this on a two way switch, but some gyros will do different things at different settings. (And I was asked about a 3 way switch)


For the ar7200bx I would do it on a 2 way switch so that I don't go to 0, just flip back and forth between rate and heading hold. Or in the case of the picture below, I'm using it to send two different rates for HH mode. One for normal flight and one for 3D... (according to walkera)

To control how much gain, you would adjust the SCALE setting.


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