Can't bind FrSky D4R / X6R Devo 7e [Solved]

09 Feb 2016 07:08 - 09 Feb 2016 07:55 #42828 by Smarti
Good Morning,

well I was unable to bind my Devo 7e + Mutimodule and CC2500 with my FrSky X6R (in D8 Mode) or my FrSky D4R Receiver.

I tried to ajust the Frequency in steps: 0 +-50 +-100 +-127, but can't sill not bind.

Finally I found the advice to set it to -41, now I can bind!!!

May someone can add this to deviation documentation too

1. Devo 7e Ultimate: Multimodule - CC2500, NRF2401, A7105 + Switchmod + 2x Poti
2. Devo 7e Ultimate: 4in1 Modul, still upgrading ;)
Hobby Horizon 350 QX, QAV250 FPV Racer, JXD385, WLToys 272, Estes Proto X
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