Elevon mixing using Devo 7e

21 Feb 2016 17:06 #43421 by mzbeg
Elevon mixing using Devo 7e was created by mzbeg
I am following Jason Kass video on Youtube to write ini file for elevon wing. In his tutorial it works perfectly, but not on my 7e. Both 2 and 3 channels go from 0 to 150%, and alternatly from + to -. The RIGHT_H moves opposite but from 0 to 150%. The RIGHT_V behave exactly the same as RIGHT_H. again from 0 to 150%. I am attaching ini file. Mind you I am using latest nightly emulator. In botrh channels MUX is ADD, so it should be 200%, why I am getting 150%
Please can some one explain to me what I am doing worng.


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22 Feb 2016 14:26 #43459 by Thomas.Heiss
Replied by Thomas.Heiss on topic Elevon mixing using Devo 7e
I just see two ADD (ELEV) mixers. Should be second.
Where are there two REPLACE mixers for AIL src?


The concept is that you devide 150 / 2 and use 75% of travel (like DX8 airware does it) for AIL + 75% of travel on ELEV.

Can't follow this vid (time).
I just used the elevon tutorial having REPLACE + ADD MUX mixers (4 in total).
You maybe can have a look at the elevon template on this forum.
I may take a look at my StrykerQ programming next days...


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