Devo 8s 3 in 1 instalation

14 Feb 2017 22:19 #59145 by Darrenwest7
Devo 8s 3 in 1 instalation was created by Darrenwest7
Hi there this is my first post here and I have a devo 8s that I have installed the deviation firmware and I would like to add a 3 in 1 module so I can fly all my little quads and other branded receivers using one tx. I've read a bunch of posts including the 60 page multimodule thread but I'm just not getting it. I will be getting the module from banggood and just would like some pictures of what pinout on the module goes to which solder pad of the 8s as it is not the same as the 10 which seems fairly simple also a working hardware ini file would be good

Please please someone help me out your help would be massively appreciated


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