Jumper TS8G Lite A7105 help

21 Nov 2018 23:00 #71838 by Scousethief
Jumper TS8G Lite A7105 help was created by Scousethief
The TS8G Lite is a nice little TX that I use with some of my smaller quads but as I generally use Flysky and the TX is Frsky (CC2500) it's a bit of a pain, I know I can solder in the multiprotocol module but that require cost and delivery time.

I have on hand plenty of the WLToys transmitters that have the little A7105 module so I would like to repurpose one of those to add Flysky to the Lite "killing 2 birds with one stone"

The only bit I am not clear on is obviously the wiring and the different "labels" given to the wiring/inputs.

The Lite uses an Stm32F103

From what I can tell

SCS =??? (PA13 TMS or PA14 TCK)
Voltage and ground are obvious.

Just asking to make sure before I blow something up

Thanks for your assistance


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