Successful Devo F7 Install Windows

12 Jun 2020 21:41 - 12 Jun 2020 21:43 #76462 by Jhavent222
Successful Devo F7 Install Windows was created by Jhavent222
Ive seen a lot of posts of people who havent been able to install Deviation on their Devo F7 so here is how I did it. I used the Deviation Uploader and not dfuse. I also got 4.0.1. What I did was used deviation Uploader 9.0 and plugged in Devo F7 and held ext while powering on. This brings you to software update screen. Then I uploaded the version 4.0.1 to deviation Uploader and installed it in my remote. THIS IS NOT THE LAST STEP! Now you hold ent while powering on to bring you into USB mode. When you look at the Devo F7 drive there should be a file called Devo fs. What you need to do is delete that file from the drive. After doing this go back to the zip folder for 4.0.1 and copy the file devo fs. Lastly go back to The Devo F7 drive and paste it in. Now you can unplug the remote and start using deviation. Good Luck!
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