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Please post one model per thread. And make sure the post Subject clearly denotes the model.

The description should ideally contain anything relevant to the config (is it aggressive or tuned for beginners; which protocol is it setup for; etc)
If you have updates, it is preferable to update the 1st post of the thread than to post updates, though it is up to you.

The purpose of this thread is to build a library of models such that others can have a better starting point to get going. If you make posts easy to determine the 'best current model' that will help everyone.

The included model of this post is just a test model to show what the thread should look like.
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09 Sep 2012 22:13 #1438 by magic_marty
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if i understand rite to publish a model file we need to start a new thread on the main forum?

so for the Genius CP i would start a thread named "Genius CP .ini file"

or am i wrong?

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09 Sep 2012 23:51 #1442 by PhracturedBlue
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Go to:
Press 'new topic' at the top.
Then fill in a subject like 'GeniusCP' give a brief description, and attach your model.ini file.
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11 Sep 2012 15:28 - 11 Sep 2012 15:43 #1522 by rototophe
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This post should be made "Sticky" and stay at the top of this forum at all times ....
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