How to program an excavator with deviation?

24 Jun 2020 12:59 #76518 by RingoD
Hello deviation community,

my name is Philipp and I´m a scale model builder from Germany. I have built an Liebherr R920 compact excavator. Now I want to control this machine by using my devo 10 with the deviation firmware. I have added a picture of the transmitter and the channel assignment, slightly optimized for my needs ;-)

I would be very thankful if someone can help me to programm the mixers to power the excavator. Maybe someone did it before and can share his programming.

For example I want to programm the tracks like this:

If you keep pushing the ELE D/R button on the Joystick you can use this Joystick (THRO and RUDD) to drive the excavator forward or backward resp. to the left and right. If you release the ELE D/R button you can use the Joystick to control the other funktions for digging. So that there will be no driving without pushing the ELE D/R button.

I think that I also have to change the channels from the transmitter so that they fit to the channel assignment at the receiver in the excavator. How to do this?

Many thanks

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