First time using Deviation

15 Sep 2020 17:12 - 15 Sep 2020 17:13 #76787 by Stoner_popeye
First time using Deviation was created by Stoner_popeye
Hi can someone please help me.

I am new to the rc after not flying gliders for around 20 years, I have got a jumper tx t8sg, but for the life of me I can not get a hand of understanding the deviation software, I'm sure it will come, but in the mean time can someone have a look at this file that i found for a glider.

The ailerons and rudder are ok but the elevator is on the throttle and can can not move it with out ruining the rest of the mix's or disabling half of the controls. I have just finished building the Hawk 1m DLG and dont want to crash it on it's maiden.

Also If I could be cheeky and ask if adjustable flapperon can be put on the throttle if a switch is flicked.
also I have the Frsky G-rx6 receiver.

Thank you for any help
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19 Sep 2020 19:53 #76800 by propnut
Replied by propnut on topic First time using Deviation
Sounds like your radio is set to mode 1. Which side is the non-sprung lever ?

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20 Sep 2020 13:07 #76805 by Stoner_popeye
Replied by Stoner_popeye on topic First time using Deviation
It's mode 2, the spring side is on right, I have managed to get it to work, But dont know how I did it, I have had a look at setting up a new template, but can not get it at all, I have read all the how to's on this site and watch the few youtube vids on, but still can not work out how to set a new model up, I under stand adding mix's a little and adding pages for each channel for the likes of ailerons , I just can not understand getting a channel in the right place or moving the trim.

I thought I was ok with tech but this is killing my brain. give me a PC and I'll sort all kinds of issues but this is next level, I know when I does click Deviation will open up a whole new world but the learning curve is steep.

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