Problems using a jumper t8sg with simulator .

28 Feb 2021 15:40 - 28 Feb 2021 15:41 #77280 by Flybywire123
Problems using a jumper t8sg with simulator . was created by Flybywire123
Hi Folks . I have started to train fpv and so have started to use a simulator . The set doesn't work well with 'Lift Off' for some reason and I don't seem to be able to adjust it .

It works ok on 'Freerider' but I start to feel sick due to the wifi transmission still being on and using it in a confined space. When I enter the transmitter settings it says the Tx is at 'default' and can't be changed.

First question is ; what is the 'default' range, and is there a way to adjust it down or even off, as I know there are 3 settings at least on the T8sg.

Also so that the transmitter works better in Freerider can I do any adjustments on the transmitter as well as in the Freerider software.

Thanks guys
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