Walkera V120D03 and Blade SR

06 May 2014 14:17 #22937 by gregfrip04
Walkera V120D03 and Blade SR was created by gregfrip04
Hello everyone,

I am new on this forum. This is my first post so I am feeling that I should do a quick presentation.
I am from France and have been flying mostly RC Helicopter for about one year.
My collection includes the following :

WLToys V911
Attop yd117 (micro fbl FP)
Walkera UFLYs (modified in fbl)
Walkera V200D01
E-Flite Blade SR
Walkera Master CP
Walkera V120D03
WLToys V922

I bought all the heli RTF before I started wondering about one radio that would fit for all. Now I mostly use Devo 7E and Devo 8s, both on Deviation 4.01

I am still shy with the CPs, flying mostly the V922 as it is small, thus lighter and more crash-proof!
I can fly the Master CP thanks to beginners config that I found on this forum.
I am having hard times with the Blade SR which surprised me as it is supposedly a CP for beginners. My two first attempts at hovering ended in crashes and I destroyed the blade grips and spindle each time.
I was no more successful with the V120D03.

As I am still starting with CP I am not yet using any mix, just the D/R and some stunt mode for loops and inverted fly with the V922 (for which I still use the stock Tx as I did not install a NRF24L01 module in any of my Devos.

Voila ! That's all for my flying experience and presentation.
I have been searching through this forum looking for configs that would suit my needs with the Blade SR and V120D03.

Any help and/or advice is welcome.

Thank you.

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