Jumper T8SG Complex Mixer help for 2 Axis Gimbal

10 Jul 2018 22:10 #69847 by Brett_N
Ok let's see if I can explain this right. I'm looking for someone smarter than me that may know how to do this :-)

Have a 2 Axis servo based camera gimbal that I would like to tie to the LEFT STICK (mode 2) Throttle and Rudder for DSMX, so channels 1 and 4...(or 3 &4 if I'm thinking off a bit)

I have also added an additional push-button (well 2 of them) switch to my jumper, and that is switch H0 on Channel 9

I'd like to map T to CH6 (and HOLD throttle) and R to Channel 7 (HOLD Rudder) when H0 on Channel 9 is held - or, do I not even worry about H0 being on a channel and just use it as a button source?

is this an add, or replace type mixer? Or should I do this in Cleanflight instead?

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13 Jul 2018 23:22 #69874 by hexfet
Restating to be sure I understand. When H0 is active (button pressed), send the left vertical stick input to channel 6 and hold channel 1 at the input value before H0 was pressed. Same for left horizontal input for channels 7 and 4 (DSMX channel order is TAER). And vice-versa when H0 is not active (button released).

Each channel output is controlled by mixers so you need to configure mixers for channels 1, 4, 6, and 7. For channel 1 (throttle) mixer use a complex mixer with two pages. The Mux for all these will be Replace. On the first page set the switch to H1 and the input to THR. On the second page set switch H0 and input Ch1. The Ch1 input will be the channel's previous output value so the output while H0 is active will be held what it was when H0 was pressed. Set the mixers for channel 6 similarly, with H0 and H1 reversed. And then the same for channels 4 and 7, except using RUD as the input.

A possible problem with this approach is that when you press and release the button the current stick position will be immediately applied to the new output channel. For example consider hovering at half throttle, then pressing the button and moving the left stick up to position the gimbal, if you release the button with the stick up the throttle output will immediately increase. If you're using angle mode the right stick may be better. If the gimbal is set up for relative movement and the aircraft is hovering level the stick could be centered before pressing and releasing the button.

Any reason not to use the Aux knobs to control the gimbal directly?

http://rc.mired.org/p/writing-deviationtx-model.htmlThis guide may be helpful.

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14 Jul 2018 03:46 #69875 by Brett_N
yeah, you're right. I didn't even think about using the pots!!!


I'll post back how it goes.

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