XK k110 .ini for a yellow Jumper T8SG Plus v2?

01 Sep 2018 13:01 #70607 by ksaves2

Downloaded the .ini from here for an XK k110 for my Jumper T8SG plus v2 and did a hand held dry run.
Unfortunately, not a single switch or slider acted as an idle cut-off and am apprehensive to fly with it.
Is the Jumper iteration a "little bit" different from a stock T8SG? I be think'in so. I have the
d90cb3b firmware and don't have much problem upgrading from a Winblows 7 computer.

Have an FP V930 programmed from the downloaded .ini from here and the gyro is 6G only which is fine by me as I'm a new flier.
(FP probably doesn't need 3G?)

Man, I've looked at some of the programming/mixing info and boy it is really Greek compared to the analog Futaba stuff from the '90's. Kurt

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02 Sep 2018 04:46 #70614 by ksaves2
Creeeeiiiipes 'a mighty! Stupidhead here. Ignore the above. I wiped the k110.ini file I had on my Jumper as outlined above and re-downloaded a "clean" .ini file. Stupidhead here thinks he did some original "editing" on a wrong non-notepad ++ editor and Stupidhead thinks that screwed up the file! I did some editing in Linux (notepad ++ compatible), transferred the file over to my WinBlows 7 machine and deleted the old model2.ini on the Jumper.
Put the newly downloaded .ini on the T8SG Plus v2 and did a dry run holding the k110 in my hand. All the switches work as stated in the original post. The idleup/kill switch on "A" cuts out the motor when full up. I be real happy here and can't wait to try it!!!
Kurt (aka as Stupidhead)

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20 Sep 2018 02:44 #70991 by ksaves2
One more update. The available k110.ini had an absolutely stupid 3 point throttle/pitch curve on 6G. I was able to figure out how to change it to a 5 point curve and it's much, much more manageable now. Now I got to figure out mixing which I think is going to be a real witch to understand and how to at least get a V977 to work as well on the jumper as it does on the stock WL transmitter.

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