ALIENWHOOP zero for a Jumper T8sg v2

17 May 2019 07:25 - 18 May 2019 02:38 #74331 by TeddyRedhanded
ALIENWHOOP zero for a Jumper T8sg v2 was created by TeddyRedhanded
hello First post to the forum and I come to you with a problem. I for the life of me cannot set up a zero in my jumper I mean jeez it was the first flight controller I bought and its the only one not in the air. I bought a DXe transmitter first went through all that frustration and dissapointment. then I got a jumper ... and nada . Switched recievers and still nothing ... then got a break through.... I was getting telemetry .. so naturally I figured I am the problem. Could someone post a zero model with channel 10 as a LED switch. perfer the arm on top left switch everything else is dealers choicejust want it to fly ..... i got a frsky fullspeed reciever on if thanks so much.any help would be apprecated
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