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03 Sep 2019 17:35 - 06 Sep 2019 02:15 #75078 by M8A4X
Walkera Voyager 3 config was created by M8A4X
Edit: Before reading the whole post: sorted it, a look into the Voyager 3 manual for connecting with an F12E showed the complete setup for a non-deviated TX (still have one lying around) :silly: It's alive! However the GCS problem persists.

Hi everyone!

Does anybody know how to set up a deviated F12E (CE Version?, if something like this does exist) for a Walkera Voyager 3? (the voyager receiver/flight control unit is a FCC Version).

Background story:
I got a voyager 3 for "an apple and an egg", the previous owner did not get it to work/connect to the transmitter (only a Walkera BT2401 GCS), no Transmitter (should usually have been a Devo F12E) was included.
The flight control unit (including receiver?) of the voyager 3 is an RC-701 (FCC) board.
The aircraft came with an GCS BT-2401 unit but when switched on, all but the Bluetooth LEDs light up and no bluetooth device is found on several android devices.
Connecting the GCS to a Win10 PC and installed "Dfuse SUB Upgrade Tools 3.0.5" does nothing, no "USB Device found" sound, no new device in device manager, but the charging light of the GCS lights up.
The voyager itself was not connected to a PC via USB for now by me.
When the battery is inserted into the voyager and switched on, the flight controller and a smaller device near to it (no clue what it is) show some lights.
Nothing else happens.

Is this whole voyger a case for the bin or is there any chance to revive it?
Any advice is welcome!

Best regards
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14 Dec 2019 14:11 #75587 by Wene001
Replied by Wene001 on topic Walkera Voyager 3 config
I`ll get a crashed Voyager these days.
Do you know if it is possible to use it with a deviated F12E-XMS

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16 Dec 2019 17:28 - 16 Dec 2019 17:29 #75594 by M8A4X
Replied by M8A4X on topic Walkera Voyager 3 config
I did not try it with my deviated F12E.

However, you should be able to reproduce all of the outputs as the devention F12E does.

If you need switch assignments, channel orders and values I will try to help.
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