Add Templates for 6-Channel Multirotors

23 Nov 2017 02:25 #66086 by Deal57
We do not include any templates for the popular Cleanflight, Betaflight, etc., multirotors in the v5.0 builds, so I've created these 6-channel templates. I would appreciate any feedback or test results that might help improve them.

I have tested it for use in the Devo 6 (with switch mods) and Devo 12e, and I have tested it with the emulator for Devo 7e. There is only one feature that I have included that seems to be troublesome on the stock 7e, that is the Sticky Hold setting for channel 3 and the virtual channel 1 (THold). I have included a modified template for the Devo 7e as a second version below. The template should be copied into the templates folder.

Template: 6Ch Multi (6chmulti.ini)
Intended for most multirotors with Cleanflight or Betaflight as well as other related Flight Controllers.
This template sets up the first four channels for the normal sticks, and will Automap channels to the selected protocol. It sets channel 5 for the typical arming channel with a Min-Max curve. Channel 6 is set for a three-way choice of modes.
The template also includes virtual channels for Throttle Hold, Throttle percent display (e.g. 0-100% on screen rather than -100 to 100), and Timer Reset, as well as defined timers 1, 2 and 4.

Template: D7e - 6Ch Multi (D7e-6chmulti.ini) for use with the stock Devo 7e only.
This version has the virtual channel 1 (Sticky Throttle Hold) and safety assignments for the throttle removed for the stock Devo 7e. If the Switch Mod is installed, the other version can be used.

Here are the specific assignments:

Ch 1-4: Flight control sticks, automap to correct order by protocol
Ch 5: min-max curve defaults to Gear1 (automaps to Hold1 for stock 7e)
Ch 6: 3-position curve defaults to Mix0-Mix1-Mix2 (automaps to Fmode1 for stock 7e)
Virtual 1: Sticky Throttle Hold - defaults to RUD-DR1 (this channel should be removed for stock 7e as it will automap to the HOLD switch)
Virtual 3: Percent display - set your Main Page Config Box 1 to Virt3 to change from the stock -100 to 100 to a 0% to 100% view
Virtual 5: Timer Reset - used to reset timers 1 and 2
Trim 5: button assigned to Timer Reset Trim L+ (only available on 8, 10, 12 devices*, otherwise no button is assigned. Use Trims menu to assign to a momentary trim switch)
Timer 1: Countdown
Timer 2: Count Up
Timer 4: Permanent Timer

Deviation Devo7e 3way switch mod, A7105, NRF24L01
Devo6s 2x2 switch mod, trim mod, haptic, multimodule, A7105, NRF24L01, CC2500
Devo12e 4-in-1 with voice mod -- it speaks!!

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