Mecanum Mix

06 Aug 2021 12:10 #77511 by Chris_D
Mecanum Mix was created by Chris_D
I already devised a mix for regular "tank" skid-steer mix, to drive fwd/back & rotate/steer left/right all with the right stick...
But, how do I devise a mixer for mecanum wheels?
This should allow fwd/back & rotate/steer with right stick same as skid-steer, but also allow left stick to translate/strafe left/right.
Or maybe right-stick fwd/back & strafe left/right & left stick rotate so the control is more like a quadcopter.

I read up a bunch but everything I can find is for control via an arduino etc...
Any ideas?
I am guessing the same as a skid-steer mix but an additional something to do the strafe/translate movement...?

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