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Getting started

If you are new to deviation firmware, first read this: Getting Started.

I found a bug, now what?

Instructions on reporting bugs can be found here: Reporting bugs

Will you support my radio?

Currently, the Devo6/6S, Devo8/8S, Devo12/12S, Devo10 and Devo7E radios are supported. DevoF4, DevoF7 and DevoF12E support has been developed and is undergoing testing. I currently have no plans to support the Devo7. Without USB, and with a segmented display, it is not an appealing platform.

Do you accept donations?

The short answer is 'No'. Deviation is a hobby for me. I enjoy working on it, and will continue to do so as long as it remains interesting. If I were to accept donations, I would feel beholden to working harder to provide features or fix bugs. That would make the hobby less enjoyable to me. I purchase hardware with my discretionary funds, and I do not need any help doing so.

Can you make the GUI more like the Walkera Devention GUI?

One of the developers (suvsuv) has written a GUI that closely mimics the stock firmware, we call the “Standard GUI”. However it doesn't have the flexibility and power of deviation's default “Advanced GUI”.

Which Devo TX should I get?

There is no cut-and-dry answer, but you can read my personal opinions on the matter (from someone who owns many) here: Which Devo TX should I buy?

I have a <insert brand> receiver, can it be supported?

The Walkera Devo transmitters use a CYRF6936 transceiver chip. In theory any receiver using this chip could be compatible with Deviation. It would, of course, require analyzing the protocol to make it work. There are 3 other common transceiver chips in the 2.4GHz RC domain: CC2500, A7105, NRF74L01. Modules for each of these can be purchased for ~$15 each from China. Currently Deviation supports all of them, but only two additional RF modules can be installed into a Tx without the help of some additional DIY hardware called the MultiModule. Alternatively, the 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 Modules are popular options.

Deviation with the additional RF modules already supports a lot of protocols, and the number is increasing day after day. You can look at the Supported Models list to see if your model is supported.

In order to support a new protocol, we need to know what transceiver chipset is used in the particular model. If you are not sure, post detailed pictures of the TX and/or RX board. If the chipset is supported, we need captures of the data flow between the microcontroller and the transceiver chip.

HELP! I can't put the original firmware back!

First take a deep breath. I haven't seen a single case that we couldn't resolve. Next go get a new copy of the original Walkera firmware. We need to ensure you are starting with a clean firmware so even if you are sure you've just done this, do it again.

Next use the Walkera DFusE tool to 'Upgrade' (do NOT use 'Upload'!) the firmware onto your Tx. Go to the 'Library' tab, and again 'Upgrade' (NOT 'Upload') the library. Power off the Tx and you should be good to go.

HELP! My transmitter won't turn off

First note that the Devo transmitters seem to be picky about using battery packs. When in doubt, try AAs. Next turn off the power switch and remove the battery. Put the battery back and try to power on. If the power LED comes on but the Tx doesn't boot, something is wrong with the Library or Firmware. Repeat the above, but hold the 'EXT' button to enter programming mode, and reload the firmware.

HELP! My transmitter won't go into DFU mode

To switch into the DFU mode you need to turn on the TX while holding the 'EXT' button pressed. Ensure your TX has fresh batteries, and you are pressing the 'EXT' button, which is on the left side of the display. (On the Devo 12/12S, use the trainer switch instead - it's on the right-rear side of the controller.)

If the TX won't go into the DFU mode, or doesn't show any sign of life, pull out the batteries for some time (say 15 minutes), and try again.

HELP! My transmitter won't go into USB mode

To switch into the USB mode you need to turn on the TX while holding the 'ENT' button pressed. Ensure your TX has fresh batteries, and you are pressing the 'ENT' button, which is on the right side of the display.

Note, that in order to use USB mode you need deviation already installed. The stock firmware doesn't have USB mode.

I can't find the filesystem for the DEVO 6 in the downloads

The DEVO 6/6S uses the same filesystem as the DEVO 8.

What is the "Nightly Build"?

The “Nightly Builds” are releases built automatically every time there is a program change. It represents the most up to date state of the code.

Can you answer a question about my stock Devo transmitter?

A lot of TX experts are here, so probably yes. Ask your question in the Stock Firmware Help forum. However keep in mind, that the users of this site primarily use deviation on their transmitters, and might not remember all the stock settings, so you might be better to ask your questions in a generic modeller forum, like the RCGroups.

Are version 4.0.1 models compatible with version 5 firmware?

There shouldn't be any compatibility issues.

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